Building a Home in Thailand with LANDYHOME COMPANY


Thailand is everyone’s dream with its endless sandy beaches, wild jungles and picturesque cities making it home to many. Who wouldn’t want to build a wonderful home? Yet, constructing a house in a foreign country is a difficult task. Landy Home, Thailand’s best home builder seeks to provide solutions. The company has many years of experience and high-quality construction projects to ensure your dreams come to life.

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What makes LANDY HOME the right choice for you as your home builder?

  • The team at LANDY HOME brings together skilled architects, engineers, and construction experts. They have a unique advantage in Thailand. What sets them apart is their team’s collective building experience in Thailand. This is where they excel; this is what they know best. It uniquely qualifies them to handle a wide variety of construction projects in this beautiful part of the world. They intimately understand the skills, techniques, traditions, and, sometimes, the shortcuts taken by their counterparts in the local building trade. In Thailand, it’s not so much what you know but whom you know that counts—especially when dealing with bureaucrats. Having long-standing relationships with the building and safety departments around the country can put your residential project on the inside track.
  • At LANDY HOME, we have many customizable house plans. We work very closely with you to design mostly any home you can imagine. Whether you have a clear design in mind or need help and don’t know where to start, LANDY HOME’s team of professional designers will work hand in hand with you to create a home that is perfect for you and your family.
  • Landy Home is committed to building every single home using the finest construction methods. They put materials and systems together in a way that is not just structurally sound but three-times better than whatever is required by local ordinances or codes. And they do this all while being fully aware that someone like you could be hurt if the house isn’t “right.”

The LANDY HOME Building Process

The home-building process at LANDY HOME usually starts with a conversation. You sit down with the team to really dig into what you want, why you want it, and work through a round of possibilities. From there, everything moves to the drawing board. Once the team has a clear vision, they work with you to refine it. And then it’s on to construction. The experienced crew knows their way around a work site, and they know how to build to stringent safety standards. Finally, after your new home is complete, they guide you through an exhaustive walkthrough and offer comprehensive after-sales support.

Building a Sustainable Home with LANDYHOME

At LANDY HOME, they don’t just do Green Building. They are passionate about the Earth and creating the most efficient home possible. Every home they build is equipped with our energy-saving, eco-friendly technologies and systems. From the most basic Certified Green Home to the most advanced ENERGY STAR® or LEED®-certified home, your new LANDY HOME will help make a big impact toward a much more sustainable future.

Extra services provided by LANDYHOME

  • Interior Design: LANDY HOME will help you furnish and decorate your new home, so that it feels like your space.
  • Landscaping: They also do landscaping. They’ll undertake whatever work you need to get done in your yard—planting, construction, and whatnot.
  • Property Management: Oh, and if you happen to have built some property with a view to renting it, then LANDYHOME can handle the day-to-day operations of property management for you.


The singular thrill of constructing a living space in Thailand is unmatched. And when working hand-in-hand with LANDY HOME, our trusted partner in the real estate process guarantees even greater returns. The firm’s devotion to several vital aspects of top quality, unwavering commitment to their clientele, and complete transparency sets them apart from their competition. They’re aptly described as “top-choice builders for Thai homes.” LANDY HOME works with you to make your dream house happen, no matter what style of dwelling you imagine it to be.

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