Casino Betting Tickets – Special Offers Only Available at New88 Bookmaker

Casino betting tickets is one of the attractive programs at the house Nhà cái NEW88. Players can both satisfy their passion and increase their chances of earning rewards. Today we have shared and given instructions so that you can participate and receive rewards as quickly as possible, through the following content.

Casino betting ticket promotion provided by New88

Our bookmaker is one of the platforms specializing in providing the most famous betting games on the market today with many attractive incentives. If you want to know what those Casino bet tickets are, please refer to the content below.

  • Players just need to register an account and can easily receive 18,888 VND for free to participate in casino games at our house.
  • On the birthday of both the dealer and the player, you can easily receive many attractive promotions and surprise gifts from the playground and when playing casino.

In addition to the attractive gifts introduced in the section above, the house is also known for countless other valuable rewards. Depending on different times, players can easily register for the most attractive promotions.

Steps to participate in the New88 promotion for newbies

In the section below we will learn together how you can easily receive Casino betting tickets.

  • Step 1: First, players absolutely need to register an account and link their bank with their betting account. If you do not regularly use your bank account to transfer money, you can also register for transfer information using other methods that our house currently has.
  • Step 2: Next, you need to deposit money to easily receive valuable rewards from the house. Depending on the amount of money the player deposits, the rewards they receive will also have certain differences.
  • Step 3: After successfully depositing money, gamers only need to contact this house’s support staff to receive the reward simply, easily and quickly.

Regulations when receiving promotions at New88

So that everyone can easily receive Casino betting tickets, you can refer to the following terms and conditions.

  • Players are required to link their main bank account to easily receive rewards. In fact, our website will check this information before transferring money to the player’s account.
  • The house completely prohibits players from setting up multiple betting accounts at the same time to receive rewards. If fraud is detected, the website will immediately close your betting account and collect all bonus money.
  • Because the playground is the one who created the promotions, we also have the right to close these promotions. If the house closes the program, it also has the right to not notify players in advance.
  • In some different promotions, you need to comply with some of the terms that our bookmaker stipulates. Only when you complete exactly what is set out can you receive valuable and attractive rewards.
  • If you want to withdraw bonus money to your bank account, you also need to meet certain conditions set by the house.

Instructions for receiving Casino betting ticket promotions

If you are wondering how to receive Casino bet tickets, do not skip the instructions below.

Process of receiving incentives

To be able to receive Casino bet tickets, gamblers must follow the following steps correctly.

  • Step 1: First, players need to access the exact address of the house and register an account.
  • Step 2: Then deposit money to become a player of the house and be eligible to participate in the bonus program with code CSN01.
  • Step 3: Next, members only need to contact customer service staff to receive rewards as quickly as possible.

Note to receive Casino bet tickets

Below we will learn some things to note when receiving Casino bet tickets:
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  • Each different type of player will only be able to register for the promotion program once. We absolutely prohibit you from entering many different betting accounts to receive rewards. If fraud is discovered, the playground will close your betting account and collect all the prize money.
  • Players also need to confirm their phone number and transfer information so the dealer can complete the bonus transfer.
  • Before withdrawing money, players also need to clearly understand the house’s regulations so as not to violate the rules of the playing field.


Above is all the information promotion you need to know regarding Casino betting tickets. Hopefully with the above content, you can easily receive valuable and attractive bonuses. Don’t hesitate to quickly register to join New88 so you don’t miss out on the most exciting and fun entertainment moments.

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