Collection of unique Baccarat card positions, updated from experts

In the world of Baccarat, understanding and applying unique card positions can be the key to success. Whether you are an experienced player or just starting to learn about this game, updating unique Baccarat card positions from experts will help you expand your knowledge and improve your playing ability. This article at 789bet will synthesize and share some information to help you approach this game comprehensively.

Popular Baccarat card positions from experts

Below we will summarize Baccarat card positions from basic to advanced for your reference!

The position is urgent

The double betting strategy, one of the strategies widely applied by Baccarat players, requires players to double their bet after each loss. The goal of this strategy is to recover all lost money and make a small profit when winning. However, to implement this strategy successfully, players need to have solid financial resources and the ability to control their own psychology, avoid falling into blind betting and losing financial control.

Positive position

In contrast to the double betting strategy, the aggressive betting strategy is considered a friendlier method and is easier to apply to new players. This method is based on analyzing the score difference between games and making betting decisions based on score fluctuations. Players will bet more on games with a high chance of winning based on analysis and observation, thereby optimizing their chances of winning without having to take big risks like double betting.

Alembert position

Baccarat Alembert positions are considered a unique betting method, based on an ascending and descending structure similar to a pyramid. According to this rule, after each loss or win, the player will adjust his bet amount by a fixed point: increase by one point after each defeat and decrease by one point after each victory.

The Baccarat card position is a heavy bet

The heavy vs. light bet strategy is one of the most basic methods for those new to Baccarat, providing a simple guide in choosing the bet amount. This strategy is based on observing and classifying bets based on size: heavy bets with large bets and light bets with small bets. Players need to have good observation ability and accurately judge the time and betting situation of the table to decide on their choice.

Discover betting techniques with Baccarat card positions

While using Baccarat card positions, you also need to pay attention to the following techniques:

Playing flat ball in Baccarat

Playing low cards according to Baccarat card positions is a popular technique that many players apply, is especially effective and brings high winning rates, although the prize amount may not be as high as expected. This method relies on analysis and inference from the sequence of results of previous hands, to make accurate betting decisions.

A bad bridge usually appears when one of the two sides – Banker or Player – wins consecutively in 2 – 3 games. Players should start betting big from the 4th game onwards, until the winning streak is broken. Sometimes, the series may be temporarily interrupted after 1-2 games but continues, lasting from 7-8 games, even up to 14-15 games.

1 – 1 betting technique in Baccarat

1 – 1 Bridge is another technique, indicating a tendency to continuously change between Banker and Player after each game. When a repeat chain is discovered, the player should quickly apply this betting technique, until the chain breaks. 1 – 1 bridge combined with Baccarat card positions brings a high chance of winning, with attractive bonuses if you can catch the right sequence.

Technique of playing on demand 1

Another notable technique is to bet on 1, which can be applied in the following cases:
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  • When the card comes back 2 times in a row for the Banker, then 2 times for the Player. If the trend is stable for at least 2 cycles, place a demand bet now. If after the 5th or 7th game, the bridge returns to Banker, in the next game, choose Player, and vice versa.
  • In case the card comes back 3 times in a row for the Banker and then 3 times for the Player. If this chain appears stable for 2-3 cycles, proceed to bet immediately. For example, after the first 12 games follow the pattern (Banker Banker Banker Player Player Player) x 2, and the 13th and 14th games all go to Banker, in the 15th game you should bet on Player.

How to calculate points when using Baccarat card positions

To help players gain more insight into this scoring method as well as Baccarat card positions, we provide a detailed summary of widely used Baccarat scoring methods:

The scoring method for Baccarat card positions is based on the game rules

Baccarat is known as one of the casino games with extremely high winning rates, attracting a large number of players to participate. The game rules are very simple and easy to understand, helping beginners to quickly get acquainted and participate in the game. In this game, cards from J, Q, K are counted as 0 points and Aces are counted as 1 point. This makes calculating scores simple and easy for players.

Analyze bets to calculate points

Another important strategy in Baccarat is to carefully analyze the bet. This game provides players with 3 betting doors: Player’s, Banker’s, and Tie, each with specific advantages and winning rates.

The house bet is often considered to have a higher win rate, about 55-60%, compared to the player’s 50/50 win rate. Therefore, choosing the right bet is an important factor to help maximize your chances of winning.

How to calculate points from previous game results

Scoring in Baccarat can be based on results from previous games to make smart betting decisions. For example, if it is observed that consecutive results from game 1 to game 5 show a change in the point gap between the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand, the player can apply these observations to a betting decision. mine.

If you notice a certain trend, for example, a decreasing gap, you can consider placing bets on the one that has a high probability of winning based on the observed trend.


Through this summary, we have discovered a series Baccarat card positions Unique, with tips and strategies from experts. Helps players improve their chances of winning. Flexible and creative application of card positions not only enriches your gaming experience but also increases your chances of winning against your opponents. Hopefully, with a deep understanding of these unique card positions, you will find success in each hand.

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