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Scratch cards is a popular form of gambling for money at online casinos. With simple rules and gameplay, the betting site has a high winning rate and requires players to have skills. With this article, we will introduce a reliable address, instructions on creating an account, and entering promotional codes for new players.

What is a scratch card?

Scratch cards is certainly no longer a strange term for gamers in the market today. This is a playground that operates based on the rules of comparison and comparison to distinguish players’ scores. Accordingly, each participating player will be dealt 3 cards equally.

The 3 identical cards in the scratch card game are called sam, this is also the strongest card in the 3 la scratch card game. There are many different methods of playing scratch cards, but the method of playing 3 la scratch cards that always wins at New 88 is still true love.

It can be said that this is one of the playgrounds with extremely simple and fast gameplay with extremely high risk. The card game is operated from 2 or more players and is completely unlimited in the number of players. However, you still have to make sure each player is dealt 3 cards.

Maybe you don’t know about the reputable bookmaker NEW88?

New88 is a reputable, advanced and modern football bookmaker and online casino in the Asian market. Like other bookmakers, New88 has built trust with a large number of players. With many years of operation, it has now affirmed its position in the world betting market.

Regarding documents and reliability, you can rely on the fact that New88 is under the joint stock group Marquee Hodings Limited. And licensed to operate by the management organization Casio World First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation.

When coming to New88, players will feel satisfied with the quality of products the house provides and many services. Many promotions with attractive incentives, quick payment, beautiful interface design, enthusiastic working team.

Instructions for quickly creating a scratch card account on New88

Creating an account is extremely simple, players only need to fill in a few basic information. The entire registration process takes place quickly as follows:

Visit the correct website of bookmaker New88

To be able to perform the registration steps, players first need to access the homepage of bookmaker New88 from the latest links provided by the house. Currently, some links are being blocked from access by network operators. However, players can still use alternative links to access New88.

After successfully accessing the house’s homepage, players click on the red registration section on the left corner of the screen. Wait for the screen to display personal information to register.

Fill in the information to register for the scratch card game

After selecting the register button, players will see a series of information appear. Please fill in all the information requested by the website to successfully create an account.

  • Email address: Players enter the email they are using to receive notifications.
  • Phone number: Phone number being used to receive OTP code or advice from the dealer in case of need.
  • Full name: Fill in your full name and name should match the bank account name. That helps players deposit and withdraw money quickly.
  • Password: Enter an optional password that is easy to remember, written immediately, no accents, no special characters.
  • Confirmation code: Enter the confirmation code to register an account.

Deposit account

The steps to deposit money into your account are as follows:
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  • Visit the house and log in to your account
  • Click on the deposit section, fill in the necessary information as well as the amount you want to deposit
  • Choose money transfer method: Internet banking or via Quick Pay application.
  • Enter the OTP code and click confirm. Finally, save the successful deposit notification to prevent future problems.

Enter promotional code to receive gifts from New88

The way to enter a promotional code is simply understood by players as a series of alphanumeric characters used to confirm the gift from the bookies. To be able to enter the promotional code received from New88, players need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to your personal account on the New88 website
  • After logging in, select the promotional links at the top of the website
  • Once you click on the promotional code link, it will automatically be converted into your account and the player will receive the house’s offer. 

Note when participating in scratch card games at New88

Valuable prizes are always a motivation to help players participate in clearing the game. The presence of tips and tricks will bring players closer to victory. Some notes that most bettors apply when participating in scratch cards at New88.

  • Join groups to learn from people with many years of experience, from master experts.
  • Plan a clear strategy when participating scratch cards. Plans and goals need to be set out in detail.
  • Understand the game rules and symbols Card game.
  • Control yourself and flexibly handle situations that occur during the match. Please calmly handle it in the best way.
  • Learn how to play scratch cards online before participating.
  • The rules for playing online scratch cards are the same as playing scratch cards in real life.

Play scratch cards very simple but players need specific strategies. Hopefully with the sharing of this article, players will have the best equipment to start making money effectively. Wishing players luck with their passion.

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