Ramadan chand dua – Ramadan chand ki dua

As Ramadan begins and the crescent moon appears, Muslims worldwide start a special Ramadan chand dua of this month. During this month, called Ramadan, we fast from sunrise to sunset, not eating or drinking. It’s not just about not eating – it’s a time for self-discipline and getting closer to God.

Prayer is also a big part of Ramadan. We pray five times a day as usual, but there are special prayers at night called Taraweeh. These prayers are longer and give us a chance to talk to God more deeply, asking for forgiveness and guidance. When we make dua, we talk to God in our own words, sharing our hopes and fears.

The crescent moon is a reminder that time passes quickly, and life is short. It encourages us to think about what really matters and to be grateful for what we have. Ramadan brings us closer to our families and communities. We share meals before sunrise (Suhoor) and break our fast together at sunset (Iftar), which helps us feel connected and caring towards each other.

The dua we make during Ramadan, especially under the crescent moon, is like a special wish or prayer. It’s asking for help, forgiveness, and blessings, not just for ourselves but for everyone. As Ramadan goes on and the moon gets smaller, we keep trying to be kinder and better people, carrying the spirit of Ramadan with us all year round.

ramadan chand dua
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ramadan chand dua in Arabic
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