The most accurate 789BET blackjack rules from players

Blackjack or Blackjack is the name of the most interesting and tactical Casino card game in online casinos. This game is famous as a popular folk game that many people play on holidays. In Nhà cái 789BET, this card game is a place to satisfy the player’s passion for playing cards in a calculated, tactical style. Our next article will share with you 789BET blackjack rules.

789BET blackjack rules

Understanding the rules of 789BET blackjack is a prerequisite if you want to play and win this card game. Please refer to the following information:

  • You can only split your cards once per game.
  • When you split the cards and encounter a pair of A’s, you can only add 1 card after splitting the cards.
  • Do not double bets after splitting the cards.
  • You can split the cards into pairs with 2 cards with the same pair result.
  • Blackjack includes all 8 decks of cards with 52 cards mixed together.
  • When the dealer owns 1 A card, the player can bet insurance for the bet.
  • If you win the insurance bet, the payout ratio is only 1:2.
  • The dealer 789BET will suppress the cards and not draw more cards if the score is 17 points or more.
  • If you have 1 A, the corresponding winning ratio is 1:5.
  • The player has the ability to Double the amount of the first 2 cards.

Some slot rules for 789BET Blackjack

The blackjack game’s seating rules are also questions of many players. Here are the details about these rules:

Rules of entry

According to 789BET blackjack rules, the rules for this game are specifically as follows:

  • You choose Enter to start participating in the game. Note that you can only enter during the betting time, outside of that time you will not be able to enter.
  • The system will display the player’s nickname if he has participated. This helps other players know there are already players at this table.
  • Players can enter from 1 to 3 seats at the same time to play with the dealer.

Limited scope for entry and exit

After the player takes a seat, the position of the enter button will immediately change to leave. If the player has not yet placed a bet, pressing the Leave button will immediately leave that playing position. In addition, in each hand, after a player enters or leaves 2 times, the other player needs to wait until the next hand to enter.

Note, 789BET blackjack rules state that if the player has placed a bet, he cannot leave. If the player wants to leave, they must remove their bets. When you enter any position but do not participate in betting in 2 consecutive games, at the end of the 2nd game you will be forced to exit. You will also have to wait for another game to pass if you want to join the slot. The number of your consecutive unbetted games after re-seating will be counted again from the beginning.

Tips for playing blackjack: 789BET always wins

Once you understand the rules of 789BET blackjack, you will easily find tips when playing this game. Because, in addition to the luck factor, you need to use your IQ to judge the results. Here are some bloody experiences shared by experts that you should refer to:

Know the rules of 789BET blackjack and learn how to remember the cards

There are a total of 8 decks of 52 cards used in this game, meaning there are 416 cards in total. When dealing cards, each game has a maximum of 7 cards and a minimum of 2 cards. If there are 3 players, this deck will be used up within a maximum of 18 bets. Players can pay attention and make a table to count the number of cards that have appeared. After going through 17 betting games, players can completely predict the cards of the 18th game.
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Do not draw more cards if you reach a total of 17 points

When the player has 17 points or more, he should not pull more cards. Because the dealer uses 8 decks of cards, it limits cheating but increases the odds of giving out cards of 5 points or more. Don’t be foolish to draw more cards when your first 2 cards have reached 17 points if you don’t want to bet.

Draw more cards when the total score only reaches 12 – 16

This is mandatory for players if they want to win because the house is rarely under 15 points. Besides, the possibility of increasing your score will be greater than the possibility of being screwed when drawing more cards, so just be confident and draw cards. To do this, you need to understand the rules of 789BET blackjack.


We have shared with you some information about 789BET blackjack rules through the above article. Join Blackjack at 789BET to experience this exciting game. Wishing you have relaxing moments with 789BET and bring yourself many victories.

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