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The indoor soccer tournament is updated at U888 to ensure fans always have accurate and complete news about matches, results and developments at this event. Following matches and related information helps you have an overview of the situation and performance of the participating teams.

What is an indoor soccer tournament?

This event also known as Futsal is a football sport played indoors, on small fields with a limited number of players. Futsal is considered a variation of traditional soccer, with many rules and regulations adjusted to suit the indoor environment. Outstanding features of Futsal:

  • Playground: Futsal field is smaller than traditional football field, standard size is 24m x 40m.
  • Number of players: Each team consists of 5 players on the field, including 4 players and 1 goalkeeper.
  • Ball: Futsal balls are smaller in size and weight than traditional soccer balls, making it easier to control the ball.
  • Game rules: Futsal applies many unique rules and regulations, different from traditional soccer.

Newly updated news about the indoor soccer tournament

The latest information about the indoor soccer tournament is attracting the attention of many fans. Teams are under great pressure to win and reach the top of the tournament.

14 Vietnamese futsal players participate in the 2024 Asian Finals

On April 13, head coach Diego Raul Giustozzi announced the official list of 14 players selected to participate in the tournament. Asian futsal 2024. Among them, 5 players will not be able to attend, including Mai Xuan Hiep, Nguyen Hoang Anh Vu, Luu Thanh Bao, Dinh Cong Vien and Y Zen Kdam.

This decision was made after careful consideration by coach Diego Raul Giustozzi based on the players’ current performance and assessment of their professional abilities after the preparation period and friendly competition in the soccer tournament in 2019. house nearby.


  • Ho Van Y
  • Nguyen Huu Phuc


  • Nhan Gia Hung
  • Nguyen Manh Dung
  • Nguyen Thinh Phat
  • Dao Minh Quang
  • Chu Van Tien
  • Pham Duc Hoa
  • Chau Doan Phat
  • Nguyen Anh Duy
  • Tran Thai Huy
  • Ngo Ngoc Son
  • Tran Nhat Trung
  • From Minh Quang

The list of participants in the indoor soccer tournament was selected by coach Diego Giustozzi based on the players’ performance during training and friendly matches before the tournament.

Coach Diego Giustozzi is satisfied with the Vietnamese futsal player

Although the Vietnamese futsal team had to accept a 1-2 defeat against the Thai futsal team in the match at the 2024 Asian Futsal Championship Finals, coach Diego Giustozzi still appeared satisfied with the performance. of the players.

Coach Diego Giustozzi highly appreciated the players’ performance, he said: “I am very satisfied with the efforts of all the players. They took advantage of every opportunity to fight in this match. Even though the results were not as expected, we tried our best throughout the competition. Thailand had home field advantage and was cheered by the home crowd, but Vietnam played outstandingly, tried their best but luck was not smiling.

“In the future, we need to collide and experience more dramatic matches. These are fierce battles. Anyway, the players did everything and I appreciate their dedication,” coach Diego Giustozzi shared.

Where does Vietnam rank on the Futsal Rankings?

In a big step, FIFA officially announced the world futsal rankings on the evening of May 6. It is worth noting that the Vietnamese men’s team, although unable to win tickets to the 2024 Futsal World Cup, still boasts 33rd place globally, 5th in Asia and 3rd in the Southeast region. ASIAN.
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The surprise happened when Thai futsal suddenly appeared in the world’s top 10 with 9th position, in contrast to the previous 29th position on the futsal World Ranking website. Meanwhile, Indonesia ranks 29th in the world and 2nd in Southeast Asia.

At the top of the FIFA futsal tournament rankings is still Brazil, the team that has won the championship in 9 FIFA Futsal World Cups. Portugal, with two recent European championships and as defending champions, is right behind them.

Vietnam futsal team missed the ticket to the World Cup

The regrettable 2-3 defeat to the Kyrgyzstan futsal team in play-off round 1 caused the Vietnam Team to be defeated in their dream of participating in the Futsal World Cup Finals for the third consecutive time. This failure has blocked the biggest step in the team’s journey to participate in the international futsal tournament. Hopefully the Vietnam Futsal Team will learn from this loss to strive harder in upcoming tournaments.


Above is the latest information about the indoor soccer tournament bookmaker U888 updated. Through this article, we hope you have had an overview of the development of this sport and the opportunities it brings. We hope that this event will grow and attract more fans in the future. Please continue to follow and support to join hands in developing indoor football in Vietnam.

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